5 Ways to Use Clear Gloss
Oct 2020

5 Ways to Use Clear Gloss

Hi guys!

I hope you’re all having an awesome day/night! As you know, I love lip gloss, I’ve been making it for sometime, and over time I’ve found that there are many useful ways you can use your lip glosses. In this post, let’s talk about the ways you can use clear gloss.

Let’s begin!

  • Clear gloss itself 
  • This is of course the most obvious one. If you’re just looking for some shine on your lips, just clear gloss is sufficient and makes you feel a little dressed up but still casual. Our gloss is moisturizing and applies smoothly so you’ll feel even better wearing clear gloss. Sometimes less is more. 

  • Clear gloss with tinted gloss
  • If you have a tinted gloss that you feel might be too dark on its own, then applying a the tinted gloss along with the clear gloss will help lighten the tint. The great thing is that if it becomes too light you can add more tinted gloss and vice versa.

  • Clear gloss over lipstick
  • Lipsticks are great, but sometimes you want that extra shine, especially with a matte lipstick which is when clear gloss is a great choice. Start with a thin layer of gloss on top of the lipstick and add more as needed according to your preference.

  • Clear gloss over lip pencil
  • If you’re using a lip pencil for your entire lips, sometimes it can be quite drying and look dull depending on the type of lip pencil, in which case a clear gloss would be a good choice as well. 

  • Healthier lips!
  • Most of our glosses including our very own clear gloss, Crystal Clear contain Vitamin E and Coconut Oil which are great in maintaining healthy looking lips so they don’t dry out or chap. Crystal Clear is a great shinier alternative to chapstick and smells amazing! (cotton candy + vanilla blend)